You packed the last of your things into your car
before you leave for the summer

A hug and sigh, the hard goodbye
Rode the bus back home slouched in defeat and
broke down in the window seat

And mulling over hazel eyes

18.Apr.14 7 hours ago


Tyler Daniel Bean just killed it on a cover of “Options” by Pedro The Lion it was so nice

16.Apr.14 2 days ago


Tyler Daniel Bean

Hopefully I’ll be on time for Tyler Daniel Bean


Best emo dude


15.Apr.14 3 days ago


Check out “Year Of The Snake” from our set at Skeletal Lightning Fest. Party/sleep forever.

Tyler Daniel Bean live at Skeletal Lightning Fest

15.Apr.14 3 days ago


Heartwell l Photo: Ally Newbold

From their show with The Jazz June this past weekend

15.Apr.14 3 days ago

black coffee volume 2, by black coffee mixtapes



We’re featured on this mix along with Alta, Youth Funeral, Au Revoir, whenskiesaregray, lovechild, Secret Plot, Gillian Carter, and a bunch more excellent bands. Check it out!

Not sure what this is, but it’s pretty dope

Tight jams by lotsa friends. Scoop it up

14.Apr.14 4 days ago


Young and heartless / broken english
My edit not my photo


Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe - Aimless

11.Apr.14 1 week ago
10.Apr.14 1 week ago


I still wake up and think that you’re alive.

05.Apr.14 1 week ago


We’re hitting the road in April for a string of dates to and from Skeletal Lightning Fest. You can find the dates here.

This song will be available at the fest on a limited edition tape compilation with 24 other rad bands. There may or may not be more tapes made after the fest. When Sean asked me to be part of the fest’s compilation to benefit RAINN, he specifically asked for a song about “feeling pain and making it through.” I wasn’t sure what to offer him. All of my material, at the core, circles around finding a better place, finding the path between sorrow and happiness, but none of the songs specifically talk about overcoming. Instead, the songs focus on being present in the pain and exploring it until you realize it is a part of your foundation.

Considering RAINN’s cause is one of paramount importance, I figured it was time to show a glimmer of LP2. I have written several times about how mentally taxing it has been to write this record, and that the process has been slow at best, but of all of my material, this record best captures the acceptance that is necessary to continue on. The process has been, and will likely continue to be, an illumination of overcoming. This record is about accepting depression as a part of my selfhood. I have been dealing with the edge of nothingness and being since I was a child, and I have finally come to terms with it. I am not sick. I will not be cured. And I am not ashamed of it. I am one with it.

With all demos, what you hear is a work in progress. Words and sections have already changed, but this is part of the process. Look for LP2 in 2015. Thanks for everything.

Read this, or listen to this, or do something else
28.Mar.14 3 weeks ago

Cheap Shirts


Do us a favor and buy some of these shirts. They are $5. We will throw in a free cd, stickers, and posters while supplies last. Cool?

26.Mar.14 3 weeks ago


Here is our next show.

We haven’t had the chance to play in West Philly for a few months, so we are very eager to bring our jams back to the land of Fu-wah and Fumay(?).

Here’s the FB event if you’re into that sort of thing: