Philly needs an all-ages venue. TWOB Fest wants to make it happen.



My first piece for WXPN’s The Key is on this weekend’s TWOB Fest, which should be a lot of fun. Check it out!

Someone wrote a real chill piece of the fest. Tight


Ruben has worked so so so hard on this.

You can buy weekend passes here:

ALSO, many many thanks to WXPN, The Key, Bryne Yancey, Laura StevensonSundialsThe Hotelier, and The Dial for being a part of this great article. Please share!

Much love, always.
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Tyler Daniel Bean - Longing (1st Press, Salmon /100)
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Record Year 223/365, Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe: I Only Miss You When I Want To


Secret Plot to Destroy the Universe
I Only Miss You When I Want To
Kat Kat Records, 2013

When your friends succeed you are allowed to be happy for them. Conversely when they don’t get what you feel that they deserve it’s almost your obligation to be angry. Rarely will expectation ever…

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Tyler Daniel Bean - Sometimes The Details Are Underground

Pastry House//Redding, California//8-8-13//
Also played: Brave Bird, Au Revoir, Casket, Leer
Video recorded by Colin Eldridge of No Moon Media

If you don’t get Goosebumps…


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Hello all,

We are throwing a fest in Philadelphia on the weekend of August 22nd thru the 24th. 
Money made from this event (after paying bands and venues) will be used to help open another all ages spot in Philadelphia. 
-Whether you’re into the idea of another venue or not. I think we’ve put together a great lineup that will be a lot of fun and enjoyable for a lot of people.
- This is not our first fest. We’ve been doing Kat Kat Phest for the past 2 years and we just wanted to add a fun summer event as well
-We do this for you. If you enjoy this please like and share. 

Thank you for reading this and giving us any attention.

With love from Wahh Manor Shows and Kat Kat Records

TONS of great bands playing this Summer Fest that Ruben put together. So affordable, so many bands. Follow the links for more info and tickets.

All proceeds will go towards a DIY venue here in the great city of Philadelphia.

Help us help you; help us help your favorite bands; help us keep this scene thriving.



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Modern Baseball played a surprise set at The Fire with Weatherbox, Dikembe and Hightide Hotel | The Key



This was rill chill. Envy the experience you didn’t have / live vicariously through these fotos

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Contest: Catch Aspiga on tour and win rad merch!

Contest: Catch Aspiga on tour and win rad merch!

New Jersey’s Aspiga are headed out on tour later this week and to celebrate they are giving away some sweet merch! First place winner will receive two seven inch records from Aspiga and second place wins …

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Aspiga’s going on tour. Go win free swaggggggaaaaa

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ICYMI: I’m hosting and opening for my buddies in Muscle & Bone on their upcoming tour with Young And Heartless on Monday, August 4th. Weekday Warriors, roll out! Flyer by @awkward.breeds

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Young & Heartless in New York in August

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Tyler Daniel Bean
June 1, 2012
The Democracy Center
Cambridge, MA


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Show in Lancaster, PA



porch luck // hightide hotel 

and i don’t want you to answer my next call, it would just upset you

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