Hey. There’s a brand new Secret Plot song on this Property of Zack comp. all proceeds go to Hope For A Day. Check and if ya dig please share.

New Secret Plot song. PLEASE DOWNLOAD. All proceeds go towards suicide prevention.

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October 11th @ 242 Main

CLIQUE - CLIQUE (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Who It Is: CLIQUE - CLIQUE; Kat Kat Records (2014)

What It Sounds Like: Palmkite, Fun Home, Mineral


I think we all know how cliche the phrase “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” is. However, I feel that in certain instances musically, that kind of style can work to a band’s advantage if done right. Philly natives CLIQUE (formed by ex-guitarist of Philly bands SMOOTHER and Girl Scouts) haven’t been around very long, but they have absolutely shown their prowess with the aforementioned song structures and playing style and combine lazy noodly lazy riffs with heartfelt and uncomfortably raw lyrics into a decently short indie-rock/emo LP that’s long enough to be an album, but short enough to keep you from getting bored with it.

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Nice lil review of CLIQUE’s new EP

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Kat Kat Records



Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe

I Only Miss You When I Want To

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NEW RELEASE. Welcome CLIQUE to the KKR fam. Free Bandcamp download. Limited to 50 cassettes shipping in October. You don’t want to sleep on this one.

GO FORTH, friends <3

Clique is the friggen best

ICYMI, reviews are in. “CLIQUE is the friggen best” Reblogging for the evening crew and any of y’all that ignored this the first time through.
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NEW RELEASE. Welcome CLIQUE to the KKR fam. Free Bandcamp download. Limited to 50 cassettes shipping in October. You don’t want to sleep on this one.

GO FORTH, friends <3

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New Secret Plot song


This was an unreleased Secret Plot song from a split we never released. Listen or something

New(ish) Secret Plot song. HOLLA HOLLA

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Secret Plot.

When are you guys going to announce KatKatPhest III?

Um eventually

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POZ Gallery: Old Gray Tour
Features: Old Gray, Scowler, Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe, Sic Bacchus 
Location: Golden Tea House - Philadelphia, PA
Photos By: Allison Newbold

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Here’s a video of us playing “To Give Up Hope At Twenty Years” at Pastry House in Redding, CA. This was one of only six times we played this song over the course of the two months. At the very end of the video, you’ll hear a hella faded party-goer yelling. He was causing quite a ruckus. One song later, the promoter, Brad, walked up to him, wrapped his arms around him, and threw him out. Brad was a model person, and the safety of the space was most important to him, as it should be to every promoter and show-goer. Always party with others in mind. Always.

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Heartwell - Certainty of Change (1st Press, Dark Turquoise /65)
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TWOB Fest is Happening This Weekend; Raising Money for an All Ages DIY Venue


Kat Kat Records will be hosting TWOB Fest this weekend, and will be using the money raised from the event to hopefully open an all ages DIY venue in Philadelphia. Read more about it here, and check out the lineup below!


Purchase tickets here

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Philly needs an all-ages venue. TWOB Fest wants to make it happen.



My first piece for WXPN’s The Key is on this weekend’s TWOB Fest, which should be a lot of fun. Check it out!

Someone wrote a real chill piece of the fest. Tight


Ruben has worked so so so hard on this.

You can buy weekend passes here:

ALSO, many many thanks to WXPN, The Key, Bryne Yancey, Laura StevensonSundialsThe Hotelier, and The Dial for being a part of this great article. Please share!

Much love, always.
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